I am a Model Escort of Bangalore. You can Hire me Anytime

Bangalore Escorts Service

I am a model escort, and do provide other model escorts in Bangalore.

Model Escort Bangalore
Ritu Verma

My Name is Ritu Verma. Moreover, I am one of most famous escort girl of the Indian Adult Industry. Those who are hiring high profile escorts on regular basis, must be know about me. Well, this is my first introductory article on 62ml. In addition, first I would like to thank them for their kindness.

I am inviting you to experience Bangalore Escorts Service

62ml is the most famous adult portal of India, where people can get the updates and news about the Indian escort industry. Thus, I am using this opportunity to invite all the elite-class and high-class people of India to experience Bangalore escorts service.

Thus, this is my humble request to all the high-society people of the India, to visit Bangalore city once. I strongly want to host you all in my bordello. I will personally host you. In addition, one demand I can provide you multiple model escorts to entertain you.

Bangalore Escorts Service Rates and Terms of Contract

Bangalore Escorts Service
Model Escort

The rates for the high-profile escort girls are ranging between 30 thousand Indian rupees to 150 thousand Indian rupees. In addition, on demand, we can supply you the most exclusive celebrity escorts in Bangalore. The rates for celebrity escort service are ranging between 1 million Indian rupees to 3 million Indian rupees.

Terms and Condition

  1. Do not act over smart: Do not try to ask for the celebrities in your first deal. Otherwise, your request will be entertained.
  2. Go-slow: In first round of deal, we provide girls, of the range between 30 thousand, to 150 thousand. Thus, do ask for the girl of that range only.
  3. Set the bed first: You will have to book a hotel room by your own. Thus, before initiate the booking, reserve your bed first.
  4. Do not ask irrelevant questions: Most of the time, my manager is busy answering others call. Thus, do not ask irrelevant questions. Just tell him about your budget, your location, and ask for the options.

I hope that, you get the terms and condition to enjoy Bangalore Escorts service. Now, you can proceed for the booking process…


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